What is BIM?

The digital building model

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is a planning method in the construction industry. At its core are digital models that contain all relevant project- and product-specific data. These can be exchanged among all participants without loss. Additional information, such as costs and deadlines, can also be stored in the 3D models.

Opportunities with BIM

Opportunities with BIM

The consistent application of BIM can improve project processes and make them more transparent, including communication between all parties involved. This has a positive effect on planning reliability and cost efficiency. By uploading detailed data of all products to the planning software, bills of quantities and construction specifications can be implemented more quickly. The method also plays an important role against the backdrop of sustainable construction, as BIM can be used to map the entire life cycle of a building - from technical consulting to demolition.



VEKA supports you as an architect concretely in the application of BIM, for example with a corresponding interface in our online planning tool WinDoPlan. In cooperation with our digitisation partner DBS, we are continuously developing further practical solutions for digital window planning and efficient collaboration between all project partners.

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Our solutions

In WinDoPlan, our planning tool for windows and front doors, you can effortlessly create BIM-compatible and standardised IFC files. This combines the advantages of WinDoPlan and BIM and, for example, the individual U-value is transferred directly to the BIM software.

With our convenient plug-ins, we go one step further. For example, it is possible to integrate the configurator from WinDoPlan directly into Revit and ArchiCAD, making import processes superfluous. Windows from saved projects can also be easily and quickly inserted into the digital building model - without any loss of information. Post-processing, for example to change the size or color of the window, is also possible. With the help of the plug-in solutions, design and functionality are linked in an ideal way, since the calculations of WinDoPlan regarding statics, U-value and sound can be accessed and these data are then automatically transferred to the BIM model.

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BIM consulting

Know-how on digital planning processes

Building Information Modelling is enormously powerful. For example, the digital representation of a building can include important attributes and other relevant data in addition to the geometry. On the temporal level, the entire life cycle of the building can be mapped, which is becoming increasingly important, especially in terms of sustainability.

However, the high level of performance also repeatedly gives rise to detailed questions about concrete implementation, such as file formats. Competent contact persons at VEKA will be happy to answer these questions.

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