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Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate responsibility at VEKA

Corporate Social Responsibility

Acting in accordance with grandchildren

Our economic activities are geared towards sustainability. As a family business, we strive for a grandchild-friendly corporate development with secure jobs in a healthy environment. We are convinced that only long-term partnerships with our customers and business partners are the key to success. The prerequisite for successful partnerships is trust in the quality and safety we offer with our products and services.

To live up to this trust, our understanding of sustainability relates to all levels of the value chain. This includes research & development aimed at eco-efficiency, transparent supply chains, energy- and environmentally friendly production, and international leadership in recycling. It is the people in our company who develop and implement the processes required to achieve this. We therefore encourage and retain our employees and develop their sense of responsibility for sustainable business.

Sustainability brochure 2022

Suitable for grandchildren

Read our detailed brochure on CSR now and find out in which areas we are already active as a group and how we want to develop further in the sense of a future fit for grandchildren.

Recycling plastic windows sustainability

Circular economy

Closed material and energy cycles ensure sustainability in production at VEKA. For example, a large part of the energy requirement is covered by electricity from renewable sources and waste heat from profile extrusion is recycled. We are also pioneers in recycling our most important raw material, PVC.

Recycling plastic windows sustainability
Recycling plastic windows VEKA environmental technology
PVC windows recycling

VEKA Umwelttechnik

In 1993, we founded VEKA Umwelttechnik GmbH in Behringen, Thuringia. Here, in Europe's largest and most modern recycling plant, old windows, doors, shutters and profile sections made of plastic are completely recycled and then returned to profile production without any loss of quality. Learn more about plastic window recycling and sustainability here:

VEKA Umwelttechnik

Our commitment to the industry

VinylPlus, Rewindo & EPPA

As a founding member, we support Rewindo as well as the voluntary commitment within VinylPlus. Through our membership in the European PVC profile manufacturers' association EPPA, we have actively supported the idea of VinylPlus.