Compliance VEKA
To protect our company & our business partners


For VEKA, compliance means more than just adhering to laws and standards as a matter of course! We are a family-run group of companies. Values such as reliability, commitment and transparency are our aspiration. That is why we established a compliance system early on that effectively emphasizes these principles. For a long-term and trusting cooperation with all our business partners.

A central component of this compliance system is a whistleblower system through which employees and business partners can anonymously report indications of compliance violations.

Compliance VEKA
Compliance at the VEKA Group

The whistleblower system

We have introduced our whistleblower system to identify risks and legal violations at an early stage. This is another way we aim to prevent damage to our employees, our business partners and our Group.

We follow up all tips conscientiously. We attach great importance to confidentiality and fair treatment of both whistleblowers and employees affected by allegations.

However, a report can only have an effect if it results in concrete investigative approaches. In the event of a report, please therefore include as many details and documents (if available) as possible.

The whistleblower system

Report rule violations

Tips can also be given anonymously through the following channels:

Contact with the central compliance organization:

Our Chief Compliance Officer is available as a contact person:

Björn Baltes VEKA AG
Björn Baltes LL.M.
Chief Compliance Officer
VEKA AG, Dieselstraße 8, 48324 Sendenhorst, Germany

Contact our ombudsman:

Alternatively, you can also contact our trusted lawyer and ombudsman Dr. Tobias Eggers, an external lawyer. He is subject to attorney-client confidentiality and may not disclose your tip or your identity to us or others without your consent. You can reach attorney Dr. Eggers at the following contact details:

Dr. Tobias Eggers
Dr. Tobias Eggers
Attorney at law
PARK Wirtschaftsstrafrecht, Rheinlanddamm 199, 44139 Dortmund, Germany