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Windows are always individual custom-made products, which are exactly adapted to your requirements. Therefore, a detailed consultation with a qualified window specialist is essential. In our window specialist search, you will find VEKA partners in your vicinity who will provide you with competent advice on all questions relating to windows and energy saving and will be happy to provide you with a non-binding offer.

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Window design

What look suits your house?

Windows are an important design element that can be used to shape the overall look of a building. When it comes to window design, there are no limits to individual wishes: coloured accents, high-quality decorative foils or chic metal - everything is possible.

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Finding the optimal subsidy programme

Finding the optimal subsidy programmeThe state has launched a number of subsidy programmes to provide financial support for the installation of energy-saving windows. Building owners can choose between attractive loan or grant options - depending on their needs. In addition to the national programmes, some federal states and municipalities have also launched local initiatives to provide financial support. You can find an overview here:

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VEKA quality

In a class of its own

VEKA quality

You should demand nothing less from your window fabricator than the best quality. After all, windows and doors are exposed to heavy loads from use and weathering during their long lives. The decisive factor here is the profile quality. Because only high-quality material and a stable construction protect against premature wear. Read here why windows and doors made of particularly high-quality profile systems from VEKA offer the decisive extra performance.

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