VEKA Fine Structure

VEKA Fine Structure

The VEKA Fine Structure decorative film line is a new in-house development from VEKA that offers you even greater design options for PVC-U windows with coloured surfaces. The surface is finely textured and has a matt appearance, as a result of which incident light is reflected in different directions by the tiny bumps in the material. The look and feel are very similar to those of powder-coated aluminium windows.

The surfaces are an excellent match for modern architectural styles such as the trendy industrial look and are the first choice for windows in the latest trend colours.

Elegant colours on trend - finely structured and matt

The VEKA Fine Structure colour range includes eight currently trendy colours for windows. The colours radiate elegance and restraint, but at the same time set confident accents and can be optimally combined with a variety of other colours and materials in the façade. VEKA Fine Texture is available in eight popular trend colours for windows: anthracite grey, slate grey, basalt grey, umbra, black, quartz grey, silver grey and traffic white. The tasteful surfaces look particularly good - but not only - in modern architecture.

VEKA Fine Structure

Resistant quality

All profiles with decorative foils from the VEKA Fine Structure line are of the same high quality as the entire VEKA colour range. They are particularly scratch-resistant and are highly resistant to all environmental influences such as temperature or UV radiation. This is confirmed by comprehensive weathering and stress tests, in which the films achieved very good values. This means that the window profiles are well protected against damage from processing to installation and for many years beyond - for a long life of your windows with an impeccable appearance.