VEKA and recycling

Sustainability as a guiding corporate principle


Modern PVC-U windows made using high-quality profile systems from VEKA help protect the environment in many ways: their excellent insulation properties help reduce a building’s energy requirements and thus the amount of harmful CO2 produced. VEKA also ensures that its production processes conserve resources and energy.

By founding the subsidiary VEKA Umwelttechnik GmbH in Behringen in the German state of Thuringia in 1993, VEKA has also assumed a pioneering role in the field of recycling. At Europe’s largest and most modern recycling plant, old windows, doors, roller shutters and profile offcuts are completely recycled and subsequently fed back into the profile production cycle without any loss of quality.

The forward-looking decision to invest in window recycling has paid off, and not only for the environment. The demand for recycling capacity has increased rapidly in the last few years. A second recycling line was installed at the plant in 2008, raising the total annual capacity by 20,000 tonnes to a total of 50,000 tonnes per year. At the same time, activities were extended on a European level – with the acquisition of additional recycling plants in France and the UK.

Recyclability of materials is also a major factor when it comes to introducing new products.

VEKA AG is a shareholder in Rewindo GmbH, which was founded in June 2002. This company’s aim is to coordinate, document and regulate implementation of the European PVC industry’s voluntary commitment to recycle old PCV-U windows and production waste from the manufacture of PVC-U windows, profiles and related products.

VEKA AG is an active member of the VinylPlus initiative. VinylPlus represents a voluntary commitment of the European PVC industry to increased sustainable production and use of PVC material by 2020. The initiative builds upon the success of the previous voluntary commitment to Vinyl 2010 and its goal is to establish a long-term framework for the entire PVC value chain.

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