VEKA care instructions

How to ensure that VEKA profiles retain their attractive appearance:

Essential care and cleaning instructions

High-quality VEKA profiles are especially durable and have a smooth, weather-resistant surface. The following care and cleaning instructions must be observed in order to ensure that windows, doors and roller shutters retain their attractive appearance for decades.

What should I use for cleaning?

  • A soft cloth, lukewarm water and pH-neutral soap – preferably without any fragrances or colourants – are ideal for cleaning the profiles. Even so, cleaning the profiles with clean water on a regular basis is almost always sufficient.

  • In the event of stubborn soiling, you can use a cleaning agent that has been specially approved for PVC profiles, such as the cleaning agent contained in the VEKA maintenance kit.

  • Under no circumstances should abrasive cleaning agents or rough sponges, cloths or brushes be used.

  • Under no circumstances should solvents or thinners be used. These may partially dissolve the PVC, making the surface vulnerable to damage.

  • Do not use a steam cleaner, as the hot steam can soften the PVC.

How should I clean?

  • The windows should be cleaned any time that soiling is visible on the profile. Otherwise, the soiling may combine with rainwater to leave a lasting mark.

  • Many cleaning agents will not cause any problems if contact is brief, but could damage the profile if they remain on the profile for any length of time. As a result, it is very important that you rinse well with clean water in order to ensure that all cleaning agent residues are removed.

  • Make sure that you use a suitable cleaning agent and a soft cloth right from the start. Damage resulting from incorrect cleaning is not usually visible for quite some time – as a result, conducting a quick test of a cleaning agent in an inconspicuous location is not sufficient for determining if a cleaning agent can be used safely.