Corporate Responsibility at VEKA

Our understanding of sustainability: Being future-friendly


Sustainability is a driving force behind all our business activities. As a family business, we aim for future-friendly business development focusing on secure jobs in a healthy environment. We firmly believe that building long-term partnerships with our customers and business partners is the key to success. Trust in the quality and safety of our products and services forms the cornerstone of our successful partnerships.

To do justice to this trust, we apply our concept of sustainability at each stage of the value creation cycle. This means research and development which focuses on ecological efficiency, transparent supply chains, production that is both energy efficient and environmentally friendly, as well as assuming an international leadership role in the field of recycling. Our employees are dedicated experts, adept at developing and implementing the necessary processes. To enhance this expertise among our employees, we take a proactive approach towards ongoing staff support and retention, aiming to continuously imbibe them with an awareness of sustainable management.

VEKA CSR Report 2019

VEKA CSR Report 2020