Occupations requiring training at VEKA

IT specialist – specialising in application development/systems integration

An exciting career for all those with a passion for abstract and analytical thinking. We are looking for someone with a high level of concentration, flexibility and good maths skills and who enjoys working in a team.
Training/occupational profile
IT experts from both specialisations implement specialist requirements in complex hardware and software systems. They analyse, plan and realise information and telecommunications systems (IT systems). IT specialists integrate new or modified IT and telecommunications systems and provide expert advice, support and training to customers and users. As an IT specialist trainee you will also receive extensive, practice-oriented training in the business administration departments at VEKA AG.


Specialisation: application development


Specialisation: system integration 

Possible career goals
After completing training, there are a number of possibilities at VEKA AG – for instance, further training to become a computer specialist or IT project manager.  

Industrial business administrator

An occupation requiring training with excellent prospects – for anyone who enjoys working with people, is self-confident and capable of dealing with new situations, has good organisational skills, can speak a foreign language, enjoys team work and has good technical perception.
Training/occupational profile
Industrial business administrators at VEKA AG are involved in the planning, realisation, monitoring, regulation and documentation of a wide range of industrial processes – from material procurement to sales of the products made. The practice-oriented training provided by VEKA AG follows a carefully developed plan, exposing the trainee to the specific activities of each of the company’s departments – from purchasing and sales (sales processing) to advertising/marketing and human resources. 

  Possible career goals 

VEKA AG also offers a number of opportunities after training – for instance, a work/study programme or further training in a specialisation of your choice. 

Electronics specialist for plant engineering

This career offers a secure future for anyone with a good technical understanding and a talent for both abstract and logical thinking. One thing that is crucial is a pronounced sense of responsibility – for your own safety and that of your colleagues. 
Training/occupational profile
Electronics specialists for plant engineering have a wide range of responsibilities, including the manufacture, extension and maintenance of energy supply plants, control, regulation and drive technology of machinery and signalling and lighting equipment. During training and later in your career, you will be working with the latest technological developments. 
Possible career goals
After completing training, you will join individual specialist groups in which you will have your own area of responsibility. In addition, special courses such as ‘programmable control systems’ or ‘measurement and control technology’ offer opportunities to gain further qualifications at VEKA. 

Warehouse logistics specialist

The ability to think logically, work with others and be flexible are all key qualities for trainee warehouse specialists. If this is true of you, then VEKA AG can offer you a broad range of opportunities. 
Training/occupational profile
At the beginning, you will learn the importance of the warehouse and transport space at VEKA AG. You will receive goods and check deliveries and their documents. Using IT warehouse administration systems, you will correctly register and store received goods. You will also learn how to check stock levels and use the applications required for the transport, conveyance and packaging of goods. You and your team will load and pack goods according to a previously agreed loading plan. Flexibility and the ability to get on well with people will help you interact with team colleagues, customers and shipping companies. 
Possible career goals
After training, the warehouse logistics specialist is an expert in warehousing. With the right commitment and specialist qualifications, you can later take on greater responsibilities, for instance, as a shift manager.  

Industrial mechanic

If you are able to think logically and spatially, have power of deduction and enjoy making responsible decisions, then this career offers you excellent prospects at VEKA AG.
Training/occupational profile
Industrial mechanics carry out demanding tasks at various locations. At the factory, one of the key responsibilities is keeping machinery and systems up and running by inspecting, servicing and repairing them. This involves removing and reinstalling individual elements, components and assemblies, troubleshooting and testing functionality. The training programme teaches you the basics as well as how to safely use cutting-edge technologies such as hydraulics, pneumatics and electronics in measurement and control technology systems. You will also acquire knowledge about fixture, plant and steel engineering. In addition, you will be trained in the use of machining tools – from manual to CNC operation. Another important aspect of the training concerns joining techniques, such as welding and soldering different metals.
Possible career goals
After completing training, you will work in individual specialist groups in which you will be assigned your own area of responsibility. You will also have the opportunity to achieve further qualifications such as master craftsman or technician in a part-time study programme. 

Toolmaker for stamping technology

If you have an interest in technology and are patient, ambitious and able work cleanly and precisely, then you are ideally qualified to train as a toolmaker.
Training/occupational profile
Toolmakers produce tools and equipment of all kinds and are responsible for their maintenance and repair. These tools are specially constructed precision instruments for production machines such as punching dies, cutting and embossing tools, shaping dies, injection mouldings and extrusion tools. Individual components are built for each tool according to technical plans or assembled from prefabricated system elements. This requires expertise in various techniques and machines such as manually and computer-controlled milling machines, drills, eroding machines and sanders.
Possible career goals
After completing the training, you as a toolmaker can become a member of one of VEKA’s highly motivated specialist groups responsible for the mechanical production, tuning, maintenance and servicing of profile and sheet tools. With the right commitment and specialist qualifications, you can later take on greater responsibilities – for instance, as group leader. Additional specialist training is also required after the training programme is completed. If necessary, special courses on the use of CNC machinery can be provided.

Process mechanic for PVC-U and rubber technology – specialising in semi-finished products/specialising in PVC-U windows

Technical aptitude is a must for this industrial career with a great future. Naturally, a sense of responsibility, enthusiasm and the willingness to work shifts and as part of a team are also necessary.
Training/occupational profile
At the beginning, you will learn everything about PVC-U, its characteristics and potential applications – divided into the areas of material sciences, production technology, production monitoring and quality checks. The use of measurement and control technology also plays a significant role. In addition, you will spend time focusing on electronics, toolmaking and machine maintenance. In the specialised field of semi-finished products, training deals with special applications – which of course is the extrusion of window and shutter profiles and sheets at our Sendenhorst site.
The PVC-U windows specialisation centres on the practical applications of the window as an end product. At the VEKA Systemtechnikum training centre, trainees learn the basics of modern window production. These include production planning and control based on dedicated machine technology. In addition, trainees will also learn how to install windows.
Possible career goals
At VEKA, process mechanics specialising in semi-finished products have the opportunity to work in the various extrusion areas, profile finishing, process planning, mixing and quality and raw materials control. After completing training in the specialisation PVC-U windows, you have the option to apply for a job at VEKA working in systems technology – or apply your specialist knowledge in window construction.

Technical system planner – specialising in electronic systems – and technical product designer – specialising in product design/construction

These occupations requiring training are ideal for anyone who possesses good spatial awareness, a high level of concentration, technical aptitude and a good team spirit – and in particular enjoys working on computers: both careers involve a lot of work using CAD (computer-aided design) software.
Training/occupational profile
As a technical system planner, you will plan, create and use technical documents. The focus of the training includes preparing technical drawings of electronic systems, the evaluation of production and bonding processes as well as assembly techniques, specialist calculations, the planning of assembly procedures and the organisation of assembly stages. Technical product designers support technicians, engineers and product designers by creating and modifying 3D data sets and documentation for components and assemblies. While doing so, they are required to take into account the manufacturing processes and material characteristics. In addition, they plan, coordinate and monitor working procedures, construction processes and their results.
Possible career goals
After completing training, you will have the opportunity to transfer to the construction or electrical engineering departments (depending on your specialisation) where you can apply and build on your newly acquired skills. 

Machine and systems operator – focus in metal and plastics engineering

Technical understanding, a sense of responsibility, and thoroughness are the prerequisites for training as a machine and systems operator. If you are additionally enthusiastic, able to work in teams, willing to work in shifts, and flexible and outgoing, VEKA AG offers you outstanding future prospects in this profession.

Training/occupational profile
Machine and systems operators prepare operating processes and bring machines and technical systems into operation. They oversee the production process, carry out regular production and quality control checks, and perform machine inspections and maintenance work. During training at VEKA AG, you will learn how modern machines and systems work and how they are set up, operated, maintained and retooled. In addition, you will learn the various inspection procedures, the regulation of material flow, and the expert handling of recyclable and waste materials.

Possible career goals
After completing their training, machine and systems operators must continue to constantly update and expand their professional knowledge. With the right commitment and technical qualifications, you can later take on even greater responsibility, for example as a shift supervisor.


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