Our company philosophy

Since its foundation in 1969, VEKA has developed from a small-scale operation at a regional level into a globally leading, international company group with subsidiaries on three continents.


But we have also remained a family-run company which focuses on the needs of the people who work here – and the desire to comprehensively fulfil our customer’s needs and desires in a partner-like manner. It is a goal that we can only achieve through the commitment of every single one of our employees as well as openness, fairness and a high level of personal responsibility across the entire company.

Employee development

We train our employees in tailored qualification programmes designed to suit their personal skills and current market demands. Every member of staff can make a contribution and take advantage of the open training opportunities.

At our factory school, employees can visit a broad range of specialist lectures and seminars. They also have the opportunity to acquire an 'Extrusion and Film Coating' certificate.

Once a year, our employees are given an appraisal of their development level and in turn have the opportunity to providetheir superior with feedback. At this interview, individual goals are set for the coming year and career development measures are agreed. In addition, our employees enjoy individual career development support, such as:

Communication and information

We inform our employees about the latest company developments, successes and strategies, so that they understand how and why decisions have been made. For instance, we organise company meetings three times a year where we report on turnover, profits, current projects and changes. 

 In addition, regular departmental meetings, updates on company noticeboards and the intranet, an in-house employee magazine, flat hierarchies and direct information chains all contribute to the open information culture within the company.

Health management 

The health of our employees is particularly important to us. That is why we encourage them to take care of their bodies and why we support numerous health initiatives and programmes:



Combining family and career

Achieving a healthy balance between work and family is a challenge for us all. We go to great lengths to ensure that our employees have the best opportunities possible, for instance with:







Joint action

Having fun at work and developing a strong sense of community: these are the best forms of motivation. We strengthen the cohesion of the 'VEKA family' through numerous joint activities, such as:




A helping hand in the region

We support social institutions and sponsor sport and culture in the region. For example, the rental income generated through the solar plant on our roof is passed on to sports clubs and social organisations. We are particularly keen on supporting projects that provide opportunities to young people. That is why we for instance collaborate with local schools and support them through job application training, work experience and factory visits.